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Orthopedic Surgery in Costa Rica

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A standout amongst the most forcing and by and large alluring types of restorative tourism in Costa Rica is orthopedic surgery, to a great degree exorbitant in the United States and different parts of the planet, yet exceptionally sensible in connection in Costa Rica.

Incomplete and absolute hip displacements; single and twofold knee reinstatements; arthroscopic surgery; rotator sleeve, ACL and meniscal repair; medicine of De Quervain's tenosynovitis; carpal tunnel discharge; evacuation of skeletal substance goads, and so on. are around the advanced orthopedic strategies offered in full-fix, universally-guaranteed Costa Rican clinics by skilled orthopedic surgeons at a division of the expense caused somewhere else.


For example, a knee shift at Hospital Clínica Bíblica or Hospital Hotel La Católica in San José will take in the neighborhood of $11,500-$13,400 incorporating two nights in clinic, interviews and a post-op stay at a recuperation community; for an aggregate hip swap (metal) bundle you are checking out between $12,500 and $16,500 -WAY BELOW the normal U.S. expense of simply under $40,000 for the uninsured. Rotator sleeve repair surgery (not incorporating grapples) runs at $5,900-$6,200; ACL repair $4,700-$5,200, all with post-op recuperation stays incorporated.

Most Americana WellcareCR orthopedic surgery packages include wonderful post-op recovery stays in all-inclusive facilities with 24-hour nursing care both adjacent to the hospitals where the surgery is performed, or in attractive facilities approved by the doctors with 24-hour care just outside San José.

Introducing orthopedic surgeon Dr. Oscar Oeding

oscar oedingAmericana WellcareCR, working in concert with Hospital Clínica Bíblica and Hospital Hotel La Católica, is partnered with experienced, internationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeons such as Dr. Oscar Oeding, an expert in the field and in sports medicine, who has successfully done almost 2,000 surgical procedures over the past decade or so. Dr. Oeding is fluent in Spanish, English and French, and is an extremely able communicator aside from his professional excellence.

Americana WellcareCR orthopedic surgery packages with Dr, Oeding arranged through and at the abovementioned full-service hospitals include airport transfers; pre-ops; surgery; hospital stays where necessary; post-op stays at recovery centers, post-op consultations and transfers for these consultations.

Take advantage of Costa Rica's attractive prices; skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons such as Dr. Oscar Oeding; international accredited, full service, state-of-the-art medical facilities on a par with hospitals in the United States, Canada and Europe; and wonderful recovery facilities both in and in the beautiful outskirts of San José.


arthoscopic surgeryArthroscopic surgery is a common orthopedic procedure to diagnose and treat problems in joints. The word 'arthroscopy' comes from two Greek words: 'arthro' (joint) and 'scope' (look). Simply put, arthroscopic surgery is a way of looking inside a joint.

Arthroscopic surgery can potentially be performed on any joint, and as time passes and procedures and equipment become increasingly sophisticated, more and more different joints are being arthroscopically treated. Knee and shoulder arthroscopy are by far the most common arthroscopic procedures performed. These joints are large enough to manipulate the instruments around, and they are amenable to arthroscopic surgery treatments.

Any joint can in principle be arthroscoped. However, the practicality and the instrumentation available limit our ability to arthroscope every joint for all types of problems. The most common arthroscopic procedures include repairing cartilage and meniscus problems in the knee, and repairing rotator cuff tears in the shoulder.

How arthroscopic surgery is done

In an arthroscopy, a camera is inserted into the joint through a small incision of less than half an inch. The arthroscopic surgery camera is attached to a fiber-optic light source and shows a picture of the inside of the joint on a television monitor. The surgeon uses fluid pumped through the joint to aid in visibility and clear debris from the joint. One or more other incisions are made to insert instruments that can treat a variety of conditions. For example, a shaver can be inserted to trim torn cartilage from a joint (see photo at right).

Many joint problems can be treated via arthroscopic surgery. As mentioned above, knee and shoulder conditions are far more often treated arthroscopically than are other joints.

Some of the more common arthroscopic procedures include: 

  • Trimming a torn meniscus of the knee
  • Repairing a torn meniscus of the knee
  • Treatment of shoulder bursitis
  • Repair of the rotator cuff in the shoulder
  • Treatment of cartilage damage in the knee
  • Treatment of labral tears in the shoulder
  • Common sports injuries (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.)


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