Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

 What is the anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries?

Most common knee injuries are anterior cruciate ligament sprain or tear. Knee bones are connected to each other by ligaments, they principal function is act like a strong ropes to hold the bones together and keep your knee stable. ACL are found inside your knee joint they control the back and forth motion of your knee.

What are the causes?

  • Changing direction quickly
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Slowing down while running
  • Landing from a jump incorrectly
  • Direct contact or collision

Who can be affected?

Sports Athlete and people who practice exercise in general.

What are the symptoms?

When you injure your ACL, you might hear a "popping" noise. After that you can feel hard pain with swelling. Your knee will probably be unstable. The knees can loss of full range of motion along the joint line discomfort while walking.

How is’t diagnostic?

  • Doctor Physical Examination and Patient History.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) This test has a high percentage of diagnosis.

How can be treated?

The young athletes involved in any sports will most likely require surgery to safely return to sports. The less active people, usually older, can return to a quieter lifestyle without surgery.

Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Bracing. Help the knee stability.
  • Physical therapy. Specific exercises will restore function.

Surgical Treatment

Rebuilding the ligament.