InnerVue - Costa Rica

intervue_loiggoThe InnerVue™ Diagnostic Scope System is designed for use in a diagnostic environment (such as an office or outpatient service) to evaluate conditions within the joint. This system can be used in addition to MRI or alone to determine the next plan of action for each patient. This scope is primarily being used in the knee and shoulder. However, the wrist, elbow, ankle and other small joints are presently being investigated.


Some of the potential benefits of the InnerVue™ system include:

  • Provides a dynamic and active diagnostic test in the hands of the physician.
  • More accurate than MRI, particularly with diagnosis of cartilage damage, articular surface damage and assessing arthritis severity.
  • The ability to acquire an immediate diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis consists of one needle poke (excluding local anesthetic) and the patient may walk out of the office immediately after the procedure.
  • The ability to determine the type of implant to provide the best treatment for a patient (e.g. a unicompartmental or total knee).
  • The patient remains in the doctor’s office, eliminating the need of an offsite MRI.
  • Can be a less invasive alternative to exploratory surgery for patients that have had metal implanted

Will the procedure be painful?

The joint is injected with a local anesthetic before the procedure. The anesthetic will numb the area around the joint and will not cause you to “fall asleep”. Most people say that the needle prick from the anesthesia is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

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How long will the procedure take?

The InnerVue Diagnostic Scope procedure will last approximately 10-15 minutes. The entire office visit should last 30-40 minutes.

Can I go back to work?

Most patients will be able to return to work following the procedure. You doctor will give you specific instructions following the procedure.

Can I walk after the procedure?

Yes, patients are able to walk without assistance immediately after the procedure.  

Will it be painful once the anesthesia wears off?

You doctor may prescribe an over-the-counter pain medication to help with any residual soreness after the procedure. Most patients are not bothered much by the soreness. 

Is this a surgical treatment procedure?

No, the InnerVue Diagnostic Scope is an evaluation, similar to an x-ray or MRI. This is not a surgical procedure, only an evaluation to correctly diagnose your joint problem. Surgery or prescribed therapy will occur at a later time 


Active infection is a contraindication for use of this device.